Jewel turquoise and emeralds, 
Mockingbird feathers 
and green hummingbird, 
Divine Song of Songs, 
Love loves faithful, 
Fragrance of exotic flowers, 
Sigh wise poets, 
Musa old scribes, 
Poems that vibrate in my mind, 
That invade the mind, 
With the smoothness of his dark complexion, 
Poems that draw on white petals, 
The beautiful face, 
"From Brunette Woman.
"Wishes caress your straight hair, 
Wish that seep into my soul, 
You are niche azaleas, 
Perfume of blossoms,
 What to look at you, 
My prayers are ecstatic,
And in my restless thoughts, 
Your soul, Your life,
They come to pose, 
And I need to look at, 
And I need to hear,
And I need to talk,
"And I need to kiss you" 
For singing, 
And the fluttering trill 
And the beautiful face of brunette woman
And my restless thinking Have a nice place,
Where the tender glances, 
From her black eyes, 
They can contemplate forever Jades, 
turquoises and emeralds, 
Mockingbird feathers and green hummingbird, 
That feeling of loving wishes, 
And tell you I adore, 
And on the back of my feelings,
"My Beautiful Damita" 
The beautiful dark-skinned, 
Never looks, 
In your black eyes, 
Of my being her asides, 
And truly, 
Fresh bouquet of orchids,
"Blessed is the Piel Morena" 
From the ever beautiful woman Thereof.
"Beautiful Earth".
Author: Lázaro Raúl Rojas Cárdenas. November 1990.


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